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Leverage the Creative Freedom of Solopreneurship

Sure, I could tell you what the Harvard School of Business says you should want for your business, but in my experience, a profitable business at all costs doesn't make you happy.

We’re living in a time with more discretion than at any other in known human history.

Learn with me, and the other solopreneurs I mentor who are inspired by geographic limitlessness; technological swiftness, capacity and access; the desire to get meaning and money from a business; and an unwillingness to wait till what our parents called retirement to lead a rounded, fulfilling life.

We're settling for nothing less than a life of fun AND profit.

Rave Reviews
Chris Lane: Intechrity Solutions

“Dodie has been instrumental in the transformation of my company, as well as myself, personally. Just having a clear filter for decision-making has been huge. She has such broad knowledge of the various facets of business and life. My business, employees, family, and I are all grateful to have Dodie on our side to help us reach our full potential!”

Bo Nelson Thou Mayest

“Dodie, I respect you and your work so much! You are greatly celebrated!…a deep, heart-felt thank you from me to you:)! I’m a BIG fan! Of yours!”

Lauren Wendlandt

“Do-di-fied: To be filled with inspiration, the energy, and know-how to leap tall buildings in a single bound, land effortlessly and then convince those scared of heights how easy it is! I feel like I can take over the world every time I get a Dodie pep talk!”

Sonya Andrews

“Dodie helped me realize that my work is not separate from the rest of my life and has helped me find ways to make “making a living” truly about LIVING and MAKING.”

Christina McDowell

“Dodie Jacobi doesn’t just have a job or profession. She has a vocation – a calling. Work with her and you will have a guardian angel by your side; a kick ass sort of angel with riding gear, cuss words, and a mischievous sense of humor. Because she really believes and lives that being an entrepreneur should be done smartly, authentically, and be profitable and fun.”

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