I’m a lifelong entrepreneur who also mentors hundreds of others pursing their personalized definitions of success. By sharing our lessons, ideas, and questions about business ownership, we make the fun parts more so, and the hard parts less so. Grow with us!

Dodiegogo Campaign

My version of Indiegogo, minus the middlemen, I closed the campaign at 104% of my goal with $46,765 raised!  Onto production of my new webcast series featuring my entrepreneur clients’ real business building in progress.

If you want to personalize your entrepreneurial experience, you won’t want to miss an episode.  Sign up to the right for enews about the series’ launch later this fall.

From the Blog

GameChanger: Be Royal

The 2014 World Series contending KC Royals had the whole city smiling in blue for weeks.  Generating a collective pride and joy like long-time citizens have never experienced,  every encounter with friends and strangers ended with, “Go Royals.”  So now we all know what it means, I’m changing my salutation from “Go Royals,” to “Be [...]

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Research Brainstorm

When starting something new, particularly something as complex as the multi-media platform I’m building, there’s so much to learn and remember.  The amount of info I’m consuming to prepare seems infinite. To keep it all accessible, I created a simple method I call a Research Brainstorm.
When in research mode, the internet is astounding to anyone [...]

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The Business Experiment

Inspired by software product development cycles and scientific method, I build businesses as if it’s an experiment, with hypothesis, test, revise, and replicate phases. In this iterative cycle of trial and error, there is no failure, only the curiosity of wondering what on earth will happen next.
My ventures might end up in a different place [...]

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