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I’m honored to be one of three women featured as a KC Maker.  Selected from among 50 fabulous nominees for my work in entrepreneurship, our stories appear in this KCPT special edition of The Local Show as part of a national PBS/AOL initiative celebrating women’s contributions to social change.

While continuing my own entrepreneurial adventures, I help business owners define what they want and mentor to assure their success.

By sharing here our lessons, ideas, and questions about business ownership, we’ll make the fun parts more so and the hard parts less so.

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Dodie Jacobi

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In the Breach

Having dealt with breaches small (missed deadlines for clients’ contributions to a project) and large (non-payments well over $150,000), I’ve learned to respond with a series of quick, assertive, proactive steps the moment I realize the breach.  
I’m not an attorney, and this post isn’t offering legal advice.  But here’s how I handle breaches of [...]

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The Power Biography

I ran across Pat Sullivan’s name in a blog post where he warned that email is helpful until we try to make it do more than communicate one-on-one.  But the more valuable lessons came from reading Pat’s biography at the end of the post.  
Pat Sullivan, Co-Founder and CEO, Contatta - Heralded as one of the “80 [...]

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Results of My Daring Challenge

Two years ago, in my blog post, Debunking Convention, I daringly challenged myself to grow my consulting business without any face-to-face networking.  The results of my focus are in.
In the first year, I increased my gross income by 30% and the second year increased my income by 40%  – all while working less and with [...]

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