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Derek knows how to maximize Fun AND Profit!The YOU in Your Business

In building my own ventures, and mentoring hundreds of others, I’ve found entrepreneurship the most direct way to personalize your definition of success. Because when you own your business, you own your life.

Sure, I could tell you what the Harvard School of Business says you should want for your business, but in my experience, a profitable business at all costs doesn’t make owners happy.  I’m much more interested in what YOU want to build, while assuring you have the resources and market to custom-build your ideal business.

According to online marketing firm Yodel’s 2013 survey of small business owners, 55% of entrepreneurs report being “extremely happy” with their lives, but that leaves far too many others settling for less.


In all things Fun and Profit, you’ll learn how to define, find, and sustain what YOU define as Fun AND Profit.

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